Whether it’s across the bush or just two doors down, for over 60 years Meals on Wheels NSW has always delivered more than just a meal. That’s because our service has something special – volunteers who truly care. Always ready with a smile and a conversation, our volunteers understand better than anyone the difference even a quick chat about the weather can make to someone’s day. It’s these friendships forms between our volunteers and clients that make Meals on Wheels so important to thousands of Australians, and our service an essential part of communities across the State.

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Meals on Wheels NSW delivers over 15,000 meals a day, but our volunteers, clients and their families understand that food is only one part of our service. Take Anne and Rhonda for example. They’ve been friends for over 11 years and Rhonda’s visits allow Anne to remain independent. Meals on Wheels helps Anne stay “right bang at home” where she is clearly happiest. Watch Anne and Rhonda’s story below and explore some other wonderful Meals on Wheels friendships.

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